CRUMBLING PAPER: Gasoline Alley (strip #2)

Here’s an example I scanned of Gasoline Alley from 1933 by Frank King. In retrospect, out of context, the below panel is just plain wrong… looks like it is from Shary Fleinniken’s Trots and Bonnie.

Click the image to view the full strip. has a bunch of gorgeous large scans of Gasoline Alley strips.

The ASIFA Hollywood Animation Archive has some Gasoline Alley strips (among other things) here.

Click here to read some other strips by Frank King at Barnacle Press.

Here is a Frank King strip at The Stripper’s Guide.

And another one.

Here are some Frank King strips from The Balloonist.

Here is the Wikipedia entry on Gasoline Alley.

Here is the Toonopedia entry on Gasoline Alley.

Here is a video of Frank King at his drawing board.

Click here to read about Frank King at

Walt and Skeezix books from Drawn and Quarterly collecting the dailies.

Sundays With Walt and Skeezix, a huge book of Sundays from Sunday Press Books.
Pre-Skeezix, Gasoline Alley strip books at the Spec Productions website.

One thought on “CRUMBLING PAPER: Gasoline Alley (strip #2)

  1. Trixie – the girl who kissed Skeezix, Gooch and Spud to save puppies from being drowned — may have been the first comic strip female to go from childhood to senior citizen status in something like real time. She would box with Skeezix and his friends. She would go to a girls’ boarding school a few years later that was not far from from the boys, boarding school Skeezix attended. She would become a radio singer before attending a big party for Skeezix’s 21st birthday in 1942. She would join the Army before attending Skeezix and Nina’s 1944 wedding. Her own marriage to a man named Trotter would end before she stayed with Nina and Skeezix for a while in 1957 and had a brief romance with the much older and wealthier Mr. Wicker. She kissed Skeezix, to Nina’s discomfort, at their 50th high school reunion in 1989.
    Spud was killed in action in Ww2, one of the first of many Gasoline Alley characters to die off-screen.

    Spud would be killed in WWi

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