INTERESTING LINKS: Krazy Kat in the Kolumbia Kartoons at Uncle John’s Crazy Town: October 14th, 2008


TODAY’S FEATURED ITEM: Uncle John’s Crazy Town has been posting a lot of amazing looking stills from old Columbia Krazy Kat cartoons. I have always arbitrarily & stupidly dismissed these cartoons without watching them, as they totally ignored the “source material”… George Herriman’s brilliant Krazy Kat comic strips. It appears that in spite of their apparent disdain for or dismissal of Herriman’s work, their cartoons stand on their own as something werra werra interesting. From seeing the stills he has posted, they look pretty amazing… I’m going to have to see what Columbia Krazy Kats I can hunt down on the internet. Check out the short clip of the devious looking mesmerist doing his thing from the Krazy Kat cartoon Svengarlic by clicking the above image… and then check out the rest of the blog to see Kat stills.

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