HEY! KIDS! COMICS! : Moore and Simpson’s In Pictopia, Gould’s Late Dick Tracy, A Herriman Saturday, McCay Illustrations, and The Concert of the Apes : October 14th, 2008



I Love Comix brings us some highly bizarre Chester Gould Dick Tracy Sundays from a few years before he retired. Gould’s art and stories were always highly eccentric, but near the end of his run a lot of his strips were downright incoherent… always interesting, though. Click the image above to go there.

The Comic Book Catacombs brings us Concert of the Apes… click the image above to go there.

Another Herriman Saturday at Allan Holtz’s Stripper’s Guide! Click the image above to go there.

Golden Age Comic Book Stories
brings us a bunch of gorgeous Winsor McCay editorial illustrations. Click the image above to go there.

Finally, Scans Daily presents a wonderful and fairly obscure (not reprinted, as far as I know) Alan Moore/Don Simpson rarity from the 1986 Fantagraphics anthology Anything Goes! #2. Click the above image to go there.

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