INTERESTING LINKS: Scalia’s Privacy Invaded: May 5th, 2009


Happy Cinco De Mayo!


Boing Boing had a post today about some brilliant students who, in reaction to U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia questioning the need for more privacy protections, have provided Scalia with a 15-page dossier documenting his personal information.

His class turned in a 15-page dossier that included not only Scalia’s home address, home phone number and home value, but his food and movie preferences, his wife’s personal e-mail address and photos of his grandchildren, reports Above the Law.

Wouldn’t it be great if someone performed the same service for all the Supreme Court justices, congresspeople and senators? I imagine it would change a lot of minds about the necessity of legal privacy protection (at least for those in political office).

Pictured above, some guy on the left with Scalia on the right, in one of the numerous photos you can find of the ugly bastard on flickr… this one picked for it’s creative commons license which allows me the right to post it here. They are watching you, Mr. Scalia.

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