Photos From the BIG FUNNY Opening

Pictured above: two of my BIG FUNNY co-editors, Danno Klonowski and Bjorn Rolvaag in full newsie garb… image purloined from Danno’s blog.

The BIG FUNNY opening was a full house on Friday night… BIG FUNNY again is an oversized all-comics newspaper I recently co-edited with my collaborators from the International Cartoonist Conspiracy, Big Time Attic and Altered Esthetics gallery. I forgot to bring my camera, but fortunately other folks took some great pictures…

Danno Klonowski (Staplegenius)

Tom Kaczynski

Terry Beatty (you old comics fans out there will want to give Terry’s blog a good look for all the old comics scans he has posted over the last number of weeks as well)

Also, here is a photo gallery of the issues of little funny, an ongoing series of mini-comics that premiered at the show. They are only sold out of the little funny vending machine, a cigarette vending machine that has been re-purposed to sell mini-comics. Each box contains six different mini-comics. There are 29 issues so far by an international group of cartoonists… I’ve drawn three of them so far. If you are interested in participating in this project, watch the Cartoonist Conspiracy blog for information on getting in on the next round.

Note that if you missed the opening, the show is up all month! If you saw the opening, the numerous antique pages that were up on the walls have been taken down… so you can now browse both sides of them in the gallery. You can also still buy copies of BIG FUNNY online here… or for five bucks each in the gallery if you don’t want to pay shipping.

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