#147: A Little Understanding

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Holy Cow! MIX, the Minneapolis Indy Expo, is this weekend (November 5-6)! And the parties start tonight (November 4th)!

There are going to be a zillion great cartoonists there, and the programming looks wonderful. My friend and Monkey’s Paw collaborator Ben Zmith and I will be at tables 25 and 26. I’ll have the Soapy the Chicken book and the new Monkey’s Paw mini-comic available, among other things. Hard to believe an event like this could be free to the public, but it is, you lucky dog. Enormous kudos and gratitude to the brilliant and fashionable Sarah Morean on putting this amazing event together. If you miss it, I assure you that you will regret it until your dying day. I hope to see you there!

If you like this stuff and want to read the previous strips without going back post by post through the blog, they are easily browsed in THE ARCHIVE here.

You can buy the Soapy the Chicken book here.

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