Crumbling Paper: The Katzenjammer Kids Want to Be Sailors (strip #12)

Here’s a thoroughly crumbled Rudolph Dirks Katzenjammer Kids strip I scanned from August 9th, 1903.

Please note that this strip contains offensive racial depictions… if that sort of thing offends you, you may not want to view it.

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Click the image to view the full strip.

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2 thoughts on “Crumbling Paper: The Katzenjammer Kids Want to Be Sailors (strip #12)

  1. Thank you so much for the scanned old comic strips.
    My husband & I got such a kick out of them, since I just discovered the K. kids. Had named two of my boys Fritz and Hans (they are in their 20’s now), without knowing about this strip. Am going to e-mail your site to them – just for fun. Thanks again.

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