CRUMBLING PAPER: Happy Hooligan (1902) by Frederick Opper (strip #16)


Here’s another example of Frederick Opper’s strip Happy Hooligan an unknown date in 1902. This strip was posted to the Platinum Age Comics Group by someone trying to place the date for it… if you know the date, please help out and let us know in the comments! It is apparently not one of the ones housed on Barnacle Press. Note that this example appears to be scanned from a reprint book rather than the original newspaper page. Click the image to read the strip.

Please note: This comic contains a racial slur. If that sort of thing offends you, you may not want to read it.

You can see more examples of Happy Hooligan (and many other classic comics) at Barnacle Press. Here are some other Opper strips at Barnacle Press.

Here are some other Happy Hooligan examples from Bugpowder.

Here are some other Opper strips from Coconino Classics.

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