CRUMBLING PAPER: Gasoline Alley (strip #1)

NOTE TO NEW READERS: The Crumbling Paper Index is a repository of old comics I’ve scanned, many of which are over 100 years old. You can see the full index here.

Here’s a typically beautiful example I scanned of a Gasoline Alley Sunday from 1933 by Frank King, with Unca Walt pulling a Calvin’s Dad. A Halloween strip to get you in the mood for next month.

In this wonderful new world of comics reprint books we live in, there are currently a lot of wonderful Gasoline Alley books in print… three Walt and Skeezix books from Drawn and Quarterly collecting the dailies, and one amazing book of Sundays from Sunday Press Books, Sundays With Walt and Skeezix. The strips in the Sunday Press book are printed full size and are eye-bleedingly gorgeous.

There are also some books of earlier, pre-Skeezix, Gasoline Alley strips I haven’t seen yet available at the Spec Productions website.

Click the image to view the full strip.

Click here to read some other strips by Frank King at Barnacle Press.

Here is a Frank King strip at The Stripper’s Guide.

And another one.

Here are some Frank King strips from The Balloonist.

Here is the Wikipedia entry on Gasoline Alley.

Here is the Toonopedia entry on Gasoline Alley.

Here is a video of Frank King at his drawing board.

Click here to read about Frank King at

Update: Gabriel Corbera at the Headsonboard Joyville Blog points us to a bunch of gorgeous large scans of Gasoline Alley strips online that I missed.

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