3D Dinosaur Illustration

Messing around in Flash for animation got me interested in the other possibilities of the interactive medium. As a result, somehow, I accidentally became some sort of quasi-programmer. Who knew?

My interactive, animation, and motion graphics work has won various awards in the Show, the One Show, and probably other places I forgot about if that sort of thing impresses you.

As a digital artist, I’ve worked on a wide variety of projects, including websites, games, kiosks, apps, and one quadrillion bazillion banner ads, give or take a few.

Getting banner ads to look better than should be possible in small file sizes is a puzzle I enjoy.

Some banners I have built have been seen by literally millions of poor souls just trying to get to the content they actually came to see.

Here are some of my interactive, banner ad, game and development projects:

HTML5 Kung Fu Panda and Fruity Pebbles Banners and Social Networking Video
Banner Bang for the Buck

Belize HTML5 Banners
Target Bullseye Animations
Target Fashion Banner Ads
NSF Scrub Club
Joyous NOSLO