Banner Bang for the Buck

40kchallengeWhen I started making flash banner ads, there was usually a 30 kilobyte limit… it crawled up to 40 kilobytes and remained there for a decade. Recently, HTML5 banner ads have largely replaced flash ones, and necessitated vendors re-examining file size… they seem to be settling around 150k for them. Which is great… but…

40 kilobytes was not a lot to work with. But working within limitations can be fun. Here are some examples where I felt I won the 40k challenge in a big way.

Target Weekly Ad
Target Quaker Oats Star Search
Target Purina Friskies
Target Purina Friskies 2
Target Purina Halloween
Target Turbo
Target Videogames
Target Pantene
Phillips UV Vodka Banner
Northwestern Mutual Golf Banner 1
Northwestern Mutual Golf Banner 2

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