THE CARTOON CRYPT: Skeleton Frolic (1937)


The spooky cartoon search continues. I had no idea this existed. A 1937 color cartoon called Skeleton Frolic by Ub Iwerks rehashing the themes of the Skeleton Dance (and rehashing gags from both that and the Flip the Frog Spooks cartoon, along with a lot of new gags). It is quite fun… enjoy.

I have other spooky cartoons I’ve found that I’ll be showcasing here, but please let me know any you know of in the comments!

THE CARTOON CRYPT: Flip the Frog in Spooks (1932)


My two-year old daughter likes old cartoons as much as I do, I think… we don’t watch much teevee, but we watch about an hour of online cartoons a week. She has different standards for them than I do, though. Usually she asks for Betty Boop or Gumby cartoons (she has good taste), but her other favorite request (since Halloween) is for cartoons with “spookies.”* I know you’re thinking, yeah, sure, obviously the guy with the goofy skull at the top of his website has a daughter who likes creepy cartoons… but she came up with this all on her own, as far as I can tell. So we’ve been watching lots of cartoons with ghosts, skeletons & other spooks… Ub Iwerks’ Disney Silly Symphony Skeleton Dance (which I’ll post after this) and the Fleischer Brothers’ Snow White, Minnie the Moocher, Swing You Sinners and Bimbo’s Initiation were obvious choices… here is a fun Iwerks obscurity featuring the unjustly forgotten Ub Iwerks’ character Flip the Frog. Flip has my favorite cartoon intro sequence of all time (tied with Betty Boop).

Have any favorite cartoons with spookies in them? Are they online? Help! I need more for the kid! Please let me hear about them in the comments.

*We’ve also been devouring John Stanley Little Lulu comics thanks to Dark Horse Comics wonderful cheap reprint books, for which she also requests “let’s read a spooky one!” every time. In this case, a “spooky” one generally is qualified by either having Witch Hazel in it, having ghosts in it, or simply having a pitch dark panel in it with two eyes in the dark.