Crumbling Paper: Old One Panel Gags

Here’s a second set of miscellaneous one panel gags by unknown artists that appeared here (as before) above an Uncle Pike strip (this one is lost)… this is probably from 1903. Glad Rags, the Corpulent Tramp is in the final panel, so that one is presumably by William F. Marriner. If you can identify any of the other artists, please let me know in the comments and I’ll note it here. See the first set I scanned of one panel gags here. I’m still hoping for identification of those artists as well.

Click the image to view the full strip.

Crumbling Paper: Uncle Pike by A.D. Reed circa 1903 (and some miscellaneous gags) (strip #1)

Here’s another huge old Sunday scan for you. There are two strips on this page from 1903… the top is

a series of one panel gags by a number of different cartoonists. The only legible signature is that of “Joe Rigby” in the second panel. Here are close ups of the other ones… can anyone out there identify these cartoonists?

From panel 1.

UPDATE: Cole Johnson identified the artist of panel 1 as Carl Anderson.

From panel 3. Looks like “Sanders.”

UPDATE: Cole Johnson identified the artist of panel 3 as C.R.McAuley.

Panel 4 is unsigned.

From panel 5.

UPDATE: Cole Johnson identified the artist of panel 5 as Carl Anderson (as with panel 1).

From panel 6.

UPDATE: Cole Johnson speculates that panel 6 may be by George Herriman… definitely looks like a likely possibility to me as well, although that signature-like scribble may indicate otherwise.

From panel 7. The art looks a bit like James Swinnerton, but I doubt it is him.

UPDATE: Cole Johnson identifies this panel as being by William Marriner.

The second strip is “How Uncle Pike Secured the Unanimous Vote” by A.D. Reed. According to the Ohio State collection, Uncle Pike ran from 1902 to 1905.

I’m not sure what paper these are from… the Ohio State copies are from The Philadelphia Press, and the copyright on these is McClure. Click on the below image to view the strip.