INTERESTING LINKS: Jack Kent’s King Aroo to be Reprinted by IDW : March 5th, 2009



On a thread on comic strip reprints that people wish would happen on The Comics Journal Message Board it was noted that in their Terry and the Pirates V.6 reprint, IDW mentioned they will be doing a reprint of Jack Kent’s wonderful strip King Aroo as part of their increasingly impressive Library of American Comic Strips (along with Alex Raymond’s Rip Kirby and Neal Adams’ Ben Casey). This is the first time I have heard this mentioned anywhere. Here are some examples of King Aroo from Cool-Mo-Dee and Cartoon Snap, if you aren’t familiar with it.

HEY! KIDS! COMICS! : Woodring, Cannon, Herriman, Chelsea, and Kent’s King Aroo : October 9th, 2008



Top Shelf Comix brings us a fun comic on yard sales, all told in verse, by David Chelsea. Click the image to go there.

The second day of Sundays of Jack Kent’s King Aroo at Cartoon Snap (here’s yesterday’s again). Click the image to go there.

On his new blog called Freshman for Life, my friend Kevin Cannon posts the entire Sloth Force Seven mini-comic he posted the first seven pages of yesterday. You can subscribe to Kevin’s Freshman for Life blog here. Click the image to go there.

Mark Kausler posts some more George Herriman Krazy Kat dailies, among other goodies, on his CatBlog. Click the image to go there.

Finally, another mind-melter from the great Jim Woodring. Click the image to go there.