HEY! KIDS! COMICS! : Kurtzman, Cannon, Woodring, Flip, Mattias, Goldberg and a Conspiracy Jam : October 8th, 2008



Too many great items to feature them all this time around… here are some of the highlights…

Rube Goldberg's Side Show

The ASIFA Hollywood Animation Archive gives us some wonderful examples of (the only cartoonist listed in the dictionary) Rube Goldberg’s Side Show sunday strips, a great hodge-podge of interesting and funny features that was the home for his famous Inventions. Click the above image to go there.


Sloth Force Seven

My friend Kevin Cannon brings us the first seven pages of his wonderful new Sloth Force Seven minicomic which I got at FallCon this weekend. Click the above image to view it.


Woodring's Don't Wait Up, Mother

Another marvelous and particularly funny Jim Woodring image. Click the image above to go look at it.


Flip the Frog Annual

Comicrazys gives us more of the extremely obscure Flip the Frog Annual series. Click the image… you know the routine by now, don’t you?


Cartoonist Conspiracy October 2008 Jam

Here is the Minneapolis Cartoonist Conspiracy Jam from October 2008 that I participated in as usual. Note that anyone can participate… just show up the first Thursday of the month at Diamond’s Coffee Shoppe in Minneapolis with pen in hand. Click the image to download the fairly large pdf (thanks to Kevin Cannon for scanning and posting these!)


Mattias Inks Amazing Buildings

Mattias has been on a roll producing amazing illustrations of fantastic buildings… he just completed a series of five particularly fanciful "vehicle" buildings.. Click… image…


Rube Goldberg's Side Show

More rare Harvey Kurtzman from Those Fabuleous Fifties! Click the above image to go there.


Crumbling Paper: Boob McNutt by Rube Goldberg (Strip #2)

Here’s another example of Rube Goldberg‘s strip Boob McNutt (along with a header strip called Bill), this one from January 5, 1930. Note that this strip also includes Goldberg’s characters Mike and Ike… they look alike! Note that this strip contains offensive racial depictions… if this sort of thing offends you I suggest you avoid reading it. Click the image to read the strip.

You can see more examples of this strip (and many other classic comics) at Coconino Classics.

Crumbling Paper: Boob McNutt by Rube Goldberg (Strip #1)

There was a recent request on the Comics Journal message board for more information about Rube Goldberg‘s Boob McNutt. Rube Goldberg is, of course, best known for his inventions comics that got him immortalized in the dictionary. However, the inventions were only one aspect of his output… I much prefer his other stuff to the funny but formulaic inventions strips.

Goldberg’s non-inventions comics have been unfortunately pretty neglected as far as reprints go. Other than random samplings in comics history overview books, such as the excellent out-of-print but widely available cheap Smithsonian Collection of Newspaper Comics, the only reprint of his non-inventions work I’m aware of is the Bobo Baxter volume of the Bill Blackbeard edited Hyperion Library of Classic American Comic Strips from 1977.

Here’s an example of Boob McNutt from February 22, 1925. Click the image to read the strip. I’ll have a color one for you tomorrow.

You can see more examples of this strip (and many other classic comics) at Coconino Classics.

Here’s a really nice Boob McNutt original I just found googling.

Here’s what Markstein’s Toonopedia has to say.