THE CARTOON CRYPT: Everready Harton in Buried Treasure (1929)

I recently saw this cartoon on The Panopticist via Boing Boing. It is likely to be the first pornographic animated cartoon, and it is a doozy… boy is it funny.

Read more about this cartoon at The Panopticist. There they quote Wikipedia quoting Ward Kimball…

The Wikipedia page includes this backstory quote from Disney animator Ward Kimball: “The first porno-cartoon was made in New York. It was called ‘Eveready Harton’ and was made in the late 20’s, silent, of course—by three studios. Each one did a section of it without telling the other studios what they were doing. Studio A finished the first part and gave the last drawing to Studio B. … Involved were Max Fleischer, Paul Terry and the Mutt and Jeff studio. … A couple of guys who were there [at the party] tell me the laughter almost blew the top off the hotel where they were screening it.”

WARNING: This is a hilariously pornographic cartoon. If smut offends you, you may not want to view it. If you are under the age of 18, don’t watch it until you are, because you could probably get me in trouble, you naughty little imps.