HEY! KIDS! COMICS! : Opper, Herriman, Woodring, Barks and Tendlar : November 18th, 2008



More rare Opper strips from Allan Holtz at The Stripper’s Guide! One particularly interesting item features most of Opper’s characters that were current at that time in one strip… a panel from it can be seen above. See the strips here and here.

Also, another of Mr. Holtz’s wonderful Herriman Saturdays, reprinting some of George Herriman’s extremely rare early editorial cartooning work. This week includes more coverage of the previously mentioned Shriners’ convention.

Another beautiful monstrosity from Jim Woodring.

The Walt Disney’s Comics and Stories Donald Duck 8-pager Gopher Goof-Ups by Carl Barks courtesy of Rodney Bowcock’s Comics & Stories.

A rare, beautifully drawn comic to sell kids shoes by Walt-Kelly-influenced animator Dave Tendlar courtesy of Cartoon Brew.

HEY! KIDS! COMICS! : Woodring, Cannon, Herriman, Chelsea, and Kent’s King Aroo : October 9th, 2008



Top Shelf Comix brings us a fun comic on yard sales, all told in verse, by David Chelsea. Click the image to go there.

The second day of Sundays of Jack Kent’s King Aroo at Cartoon Snap (here’s yesterday’s again). Click the image to go there.

On his new blog called Freshman for Life, my friend Kevin Cannon posts the entire Sloth Force Seven mini-comic he posted the first seven pages of yesterday. You can subscribe to Kevin’s Freshman for Life blog here. Click the image to go there.

Mark Kausler posts some more George Herriman Krazy Kat dailies, among other goodies, on his CatBlog. Click the image to go there.

Finally, another mind-melter from the great Jim Woodring. Click the image to go there.

HEY! KIDS! COMICS! : Kurtzman, Cannon, Woodring, Flip, Mattias, Goldberg and a Conspiracy Jam : October 8th, 2008



Too many great items to feature them all this time around… here are some of the highlights…

Rube Goldberg's Side Show

The ASIFA Hollywood Animation Archive gives us some wonderful examples of (the only cartoonist listed in the dictionary) Rube Goldberg’s Side Show sunday strips, a great hodge-podge of interesting and funny features that was the home for his famous Inventions. Click the above image to go there.


Sloth Force Seven

My friend Kevin Cannon brings us the first seven pages of his wonderful new Sloth Force Seven minicomic which I got at FallCon this weekend. Click the above image to view it.


Woodring's Don't Wait Up, Mother

Another marvelous and particularly funny Jim Woodring image. Click the image above to go look at it.


Flip the Frog Annual

Comicrazys gives us more of the extremely obscure Flip the Frog Annual series. Click the image… you know the routine by now, don’t you?


Cartoonist Conspiracy October 2008 Jam

Here is the Minneapolis Cartoonist Conspiracy Jam from October 2008 that I participated in as usual. Note that anyone can participate… just show up the first Thursday of the month at Diamond’s Coffee Shoppe in Minneapolis with pen in hand. Click the image to download the fairly large pdf (thanks to Kevin Cannon for scanning and posting these!)


Mattias Inks Amazing Buildings

Mattias has been on a roll producing amazing illustrations of fantastic buildings… he just completed a series of five particularly fanciful "vehicle" buildings.. Click… image…


Rube Goldberg's Side Show

More rare Harvey Kurtzman from Those Fabuleous Fifties! Click the above image to go there.


HEY! KIDS! COMICS! : Kurtzman, Woodring and Herriman : September 29th, 2008


TODAY’S FEATURED ITEMS: Here’s a rare Harvey Kurtzman comic on Marlon Brando from Esquire courtesy of Those Fabuleous Fifties

Another brilliant Jim Woodring Frank image…

And Herriman Saturday at Allan Holtz’s Stripper’s Guide

Interesting Links: Jimland Novelties

Here’s a fantastic link for you. Over at Jimland, someone is posting a ton of amazing Jimland Novelties made by the one and only Jim Woodring. Most of these handmade wonders were items fantastically and mysteriously described in the back of various Woodring comics (like the one pictured above). I never got around to sending away for any of them, much to my eternal, wailing regret. These regrets are soothed somewhat by this wonderful online treasure trove.

Obscure Images: Jim Woodring

I’m starting a new “obscure images” series on this blog taking a look at rare artwork by some of my favorite cartoonists on comicartfans.com (as well as some other places that show comic art online). Comicartfans.com is a site that lets users post their artwork they’ve collected into galleries, and there is a lot of awesome stuff collected there… let’s explore together, eh?

Note that this is just intended to provide an overview… searching comicartfans.com will get you some more results (unfortunately I can’t provide a link of the search from comicartfans.com, as there is no unique url provided for a search, but it is easy to type in yourself).

Today let’s see what they have by one of my favorite cartoonists, genius visionary Jim Woodring. Click any of the below images to view the full sized version at comicartfans.com.

Frank pops a jiva.

Painted panel of Frank, Pupshaw and Frank’s Faux Pa.

Whim and Frank and giant pie and ice cream.

A curious landscape.

A highly disturbing image of Frank and a jiva speaking! This is so wrong…

A image that Woodring created for a fan depicting their personal jiva… he used to do this for free. You can see another one here.

Behold the triceratoad!

Woodring’s tight pencils for the first page of his painted Frank story “Peeker.” You can see the rest of the penciled pages for it on comicartfans.com as well:

Page 2
Page 3
Page 4
Page 5