HEY! KIDS! COMICS! : Dr. Seuss, Arch Dale, more Opper and “Graphic Novels” courtesy of the New York Times : November 14th, 2008



The New York Times has an overview of most of the “graphic novels” they have featured in their publications so far. I guess that the Times calling these graphic novels should be expected from a paper too clueless to have a comics section for the entire twentieth century. Chris Ware’s comic is notably absent. Although it is a large stretch to refer to these as graphic novels, it is an excellent bunch of comics, including Dan Clowes Mr. Wonderful, Seth’s George Sprott, Rutu Modan’s Murder of the Terminal Patient, Jason’s Low Moon and Megan Kelso’s Watergate Sue.

More Frederick Opper at the Stripper’s Guide here and here.

John Adcock gives us an updated biography of Arch Dale with many illustrations and comics at his Punch in Canada Blog.

Finally, here’s some rare Dr. Seuss courtesy of Mystery Hoard.

HEY! KIDS! COMICS! : Doo Dads, Katzies, Beanworld and so much more! : September 4th, 2008



John Adcock is on a roll! Today his Punch in Canada blog gives us two more posts of extremely rare and beautiful Arch Dale’s Doo Dads Sundays…

And his Yesterday’s Papers blog brings us some crude and bizarre ghosted Katzenjammer Kids dailies…

and A.D. Condo’s Everett True Vs. the Kaiser!

Meanwhile our friends at Barnacle Press give us three great overviews of some of the best strips in their enormous archives:

Ten Must-Read Classics from Barnacle Press
Ten Lesser-Known Works by Major Creators from Barnacle Press
Ten Features for Kids from Barnacle Press

Next we have the first new Beanworld comic by Larry Marder in I can’t remember how long. Apparently, there is a lot more to come, as Larry Marder has made a return to drawing comics after a decade or so absence. Don’t miss this stuff! Marder has always done utterly unique and wonderful work, and I’m thrilled that he is back at the drawing board… he is one of my favorite cartoonists. His plans also include reprinting all of his old work, so you’ll be able to easily start at the beginning.

And as long as I am going totally overboard with the featured links, here is another Wolverton Culture Corner strip (at the bottom of the Lance O’Casey story) courtesy of Pappy’s Golden Age Comics Blogzine:

HEY! KIDS! COMICS! : Arch Dale’s Doo Dads at Punch in Canada : September 2nd, 2008


TODAY’S FEATURED COMICS: Today is an easy pick, in spite of there being the usual bunch of great stuff. My friend John Adcock at Punch in Canada has started posting a bunch of gorgeous examples of the obscure but wonderful comic The Doo Dads by Arch Dale. I haven’t seen that much of Dale’s work, as it is exceedingly difficult to see! It has never been reprinted, and if you want to read more of it you’ll probably have to hunt down the actual newspapers from when it was printed. What I have seen of his work has left a big impression.

Dale is often seen as a Herriman clone, and clearly Herriman was a large influence on him. It is terribly unfair to dismiss his work for this, though… his work is unique and he very much has his own voice and style.

John also shares the story about how he scanned a huge stack of these strips he borrowed and then had the files corrupt or disappear on him… it just makes me wanna cry. Fortunately these scans survived. Boy would I like to see more of this stuff… someone, please make a book on Arch Dale! You Canadians can get government grants for this sort of thing can’t you?

See the first post here and the second one here… sounds like there is more to come!