Hello there, and welcome to STWALLSKULL.

I’ve decided to make this site into a blog, which will be getting updated very frequently. Basically, I’m going to throw anything on here which interests me. It will feature comics and sketches I draw, general musings, links to interesting things, amusements and anything else I feel like putting out there. My mission is to entertain both myself and you, gentle reader.

There already exists a number of cartoon amusements on this site that you may find enjoyable, and I will direct you to them in the coming weeks. If you can’t wait, you can already explore a number of them by using the links on the side of the page… in fact you can already find all sorts of cool stuff on the side of this page:

RELATED SITES: Sites this one is directly affiliated with.

STWALLSKULL’S INTERESTING LINKS: A very frequently updated feed of stories from other blogs around the web I find of interest… sometimes I will elaborate on them in the main posts on this site, sometimes they will just be there as links for readers to explore.

STWALLSKULL’S COMIC READING RACK: My old comics I’ve published online, even the old, embarrassing stuff.

THE LATEST FROM SOAPY THE CHICKEN: This keeps track of the latest posts on the site for my reglarly updated comic strip Soapy the Chicken (currently on hiatus while I work on a children’s book).

CARTOONIST CONSPIRACY NEWS: The latest posts from the Cartoonist Conspiracy’s CONSPIRE! blog. I’m a founding member of the Cartoonist Conspiracy, and the webmaster of the Conspiracy site.
SOME RECOMMENDED SITES: A list of sites I like that I think should get more attention.

CATEGORIES: This is a breakdown of the posts on this blog by category.

ARCHIVES: This is a breakdown of the posts on this blog by month.

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