THE CARTOON CRYPT: Picnic Panic (1935)


I’ve been enjoying watching this cartoon recently with my daughter. It is a Van Beuren cartoon from 1935 called Picnic Panic directed by Burt Gillett and Tom Palmer. I particularly enjoy the teapot music at the beginning.

I was delighted last night to find a longer version of the beginning of the cartoon on YouTube before it had the beginning truncated by an unscrupulous cartoon bootlegger. See the wonderful original beginning below.

Pretty catchy tune, eh? Download the music as an mp3 here:

Picnic Panic – The Rhythm of the Rain

Read more about this cartoon on the Big Cartoon Database here.

UPDATE: Actually looking at the Big Cartoon Database still of the title card, it is different than either of the ones above. So the new footage appears to be a bootleg, and the first one a bootleg of a bootleg. Anyone have the original version online?